Intelligent pressotherapy

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The iPress is a pressotherapy device used in compression therapy to improve blood and lymph circulation. Pressotherapy is a non-invasive technique that uses air pressure to stimulate the circulatory system, reduce oedema and promote muscle recovery.

Intelligent pressotherapy

Discover our intelligent pressotherapy device with technology to simplify and optimise your recovery sessions and treatments for pathologies.

The benefits of pressotherapy

  • Gentle, pleasant treatments
  • Work in parallel with manual drainage using specific compression depending on the programme
  • Pressure acting over a relatively large area
  • Prise en charge de pathologies chroniques et sévères type lymphœdème

Other versions of pressotherapy


Thanks to the technology of our iPress devices, you can treat various p

Treatment programmes

The iPress is a multi-purpose pressotherapy device that offers different programmes to meet the specific needs of users. These programmes include techniques such as resorption, effleurage, fragmentation and global peristaltic resorption.


For heavy legs, heaviness and tightness in the legs


Varicose veins, obesity


Persistent lymphatic oedema

Global peristaltic resorption

Cellulite, drainage method

Pressure zones

Thanks to its various accessories, you can carry out your sessions on different areas and target certain pathologies more precisely.

5 and 7 cell sleeve

6 or 10-cell boots

5-cell abdominal belt

The technology

Our pressotherapy equipment has been specially designed and thought out for physiotherapists and other health professionals. The ipress is equipped with the right technology for your working environment and your different methods of treating your patients' pathologies.

The benefits of the device in video

iPress 6 and 10 cell accessories

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The i-Press 6C and 10C are pressotherapy devices that help to treat venous and lymphatic pathologies by performing mechanical lymphatic drainage.

The indications for using pneumatic drainage are numerous and can be classified into 3 categories: 1) Venous system: Venous insufficiency, Varicose veins, water retention problems, ulcers, prevention of deep vein thrombosis. 2) Lymphatic system: Lower limb area: dysfunction of the lymphatic system and Upper limb area: lymphodema. 3) Well-being: Relaxation, recovery after exercise. Target population: The device is intended for all adults aged 18 and over.

For the correct use of the appliance and other information, please read the instructions in the manual carefully.