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Intuitive depressotherapy

The b-Lift C is a vacuum therapy device that mobilises tissue using a suction cup to create a vacuum. The work is carried out using a transparent suction cup, so that its action can be monitored.

Depressotherapy with b-Lift C

Depressotherapy is an instrumental massage technique that complements manual massage. It allows a manoeuvre to be perfectly reproducible and consistent.

A complete and intuitive device

With the basic programmes available on the b-Lift C, the device allows you to work very precisely with the small suction cups or more comprehensively with the larger-diameter suction cups. The parameters of all the programmes can be modified (treatment time, continuous or pulsed pressure mode or the pressure applied).


Our depressotherapy equipment can be used to treat a range of conditions and indications, see below.


The most common practice is to use the suction pad to apply sliding pressure, using the same type and direction of strokes as in manual massage.


A set of suction cups of different depending on the areas to be treated. Different movements, locally or from close by. Suitable vacuum pressures: from 150 to 200 mbar (low pressure), 400 to 500 mbar (anti-retraction effect), 600 to 900 mbar (detachment effect).


The suction pad helps the hand. For example, for tendon pathologies: during gliding manoeuvres in the form of a small suction pad with a very high vacuum.


The result is better tissue microcirculation, improved skin elasticity and improved skin functions.

Reflex massage

The suction pad can be used in place of the finger to perform the various strokes. To do this, it is necessary to use a small suction cup with a very strong vacuum.

Treatment programmes

The b-Lift C has a number of pre-configured programmes to make it easier for you to get to grips with the device and to carry out your sessions. Each programme is tailored to a specific need and pathology. They can be adjusted to regulate the intensity of depression.


This programme will enable you to promote healing in small areas (e.g. palpebral scars) but also in larger areas larger areas (caesarean section scars, for example).

Rheumatoid Cervical

This programme will enable you to treat scars thyroidectomies, carotid surgery, herniated cervical discs and parotidectomies. herniated cervical discs and parotidectomies.

Rheumatology Back/Lumbar/Buttocks

This programme will enable you to treat scars following herniated dorsal discs in particular, or scars following scars caused by the removal of a dorsalis major flap.


The sports programme will help you to recover your muscles by encouraging good oxygenation of the muscle cells.

Tissue effects

The device offers various tissue effects such as : 

– Drainage

- Hyperhaemia

- Relaxation

- Delamination

- Defibrosing effect

- Analgesic effect

The benefits of the device in video

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The B-Lift C is a depresso-massage device designed for use in the following applications: Therapeutic: rheumatology, healing. Sports physiotherapy: recovery of muscular elasticity, tendonitis. Target population: No age restriction. The device can be used on all types of population. Use on children and pregnant or breast-feeding women is left to the discretion of the practitioner.

For the correct use of the appliance and other information, please read the instructions in the manual carefully.