Pressotherapy to make life easier

Discover Activ'Press

Carrying out treatments quickly and easily is now possible with our pressotherapy device. Controlling and managing your sessions remotely with your patients is now possible with our Activ'Press.

Connected pressure therapy

Discover our connected, intuitive pressotherapy device. Controlling your sessions has never been easier with Activ'Press.

This device is suitable for both health professionals and private individuals. You can carry out pressotherapy sessions at home.

The benefits of pressotherapy

  • Gentle, pleasant treatments
  • Work in parallel with manual drainage using specific compression depending on the programme
  • Pressure acting over a relatively large area


With its innovative technology, Activ'Press can be used to treat various disorders of the legs, arms or abdominal muscles.

Pressure areas

Thanks to its various accessories, you can carry out your sessions on different areas and target certain pathologies more precisely.

4-cell sleeve

4-cell boots

4-cell abdominal belt

Control your sessions

Adjust and control your pressotherapy sessions using an application linked to the Activ'Press via Bluetooth. This will enable you to choose the compression zones in relation to the cells and adjust the intensity. Various programmes are already included on the application, enabling you to treat your patients in a very short space of time.

The benefits

Activ'Press offers a range of features to make it easier for you to look after your patient and optimise the session.


Application available for Android smartphones and tablets

Customisable treatment

Modification of pressure or deactivation of certain cells

Easy start-up

Connection and quick
start in 1 click

Settings to suit your needs

Set your session according to your needs with the treatment time display

Accessories in 4 cells

Accessories in 4 cells to suit all body shapes

Bottes ajustables

Retrouvez nos bottes ajustables permettant un ajustement personnalisé afin de s'adapter à toutes les morphologies.

Other versions of pressotherapy

Activ'Press accessories

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Drawn up on 09/11/2023

The Activ'Press is a pressotherapy device that helps to treat venous and lymphatic pathologies by performing mechanical lymphatic drainage. The indications for using pneumatic drainage are numerous and can be classified into 3 categories: 1) Venous system: Venous insufficiency, Varicose veins, water retention problems, ulcers, prevention of deep vein thrombosis. 2) Lymphatic system: Lower limb area: dysfunction of the lymphatic system and Upper limb area: lymphodema. 3) Well-being: Relaxation, recovery after exercise. Target population: The device is intended for all adults aged 18 and over.

For the correct use of the appliance and other information, please read the instructions in the manual carefully.