Perineal rehabilitation for everyone

The features

An electrostimulation and biofeedback device

Discover our device dedicated to urogynaecological re-education. Thanks to modern, innovative software, you'll find a ludometry module and a high-quality biofeedback response. The latter can be calibrated automatically or manually. Thanks to a single-pressure channel (or dual channel for specific anorectal protocols), you can optimise your perineal re-education sessions effectively.

A 100% made in France device

Our device is manufactured at the Electronique du Mazet group factory in Le Mazet Saint Voy in the Haute Loire.

By choosing our product, not only are you benefiting from a first-class perineal re-education solution, but you are also supporting French industry and helping to preserve local know-how. We're proud to play our part in enhancing our industrial heritage and promoting French excellence through our device.

Appropriate stimulation

Adapt the stimulation using antalgic, excito-motor and interferential currents. The device takes into account several stimulation sensitivities. Thanks to the BFB & STIM channels, you can use 4-electrode probes.

Perineal rehabilitation with BioStim

1 in 5 women suffer from urinary incontinence

Used to treat a number of pathologies:

Incontinence, pelvic static disorders, anorectal disorders, pelvic perineal pain, perineal consequences of cancers of the lesser pelvis.

Variety of exercises

Suitable for most probes on the market

Contraction aid using electrostimulation

The software

Our biofeedback device offers a number of functions that will enable you to optimise your sessions and propose a perineal re-education plan for each of your patients. The software is regularly updated to adapt to your needs and make it more user-friendly.


The programmes

Discover over 50 programmes for specific treatments in your BioStim software.


Anatomical charts

View anatomical drawings directly on your BioStim software. You can also add your own illustrations.


Patient follow-up

Stay on top of things with a patient tracking tab where you can find: several medical records, treatments, session dates, etc.


Free updates

We carry out regular free updates, with many improvements based on feedback from you and our R&D team.


Adapted activities

Discover several types of animation to suit your chosen programme. You can also create your own animations.


Compatibilié Mac / Windows

Our BioStim software is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.


Treatment protocols are predefined in the software using 3 techniques.


Gate-control / endorphin


Neuromotor reprogramming, rehabilitation and muscle strengthening


EMG, pressure, relaxation


Compatible with BioMoov

The BioMoov will enable you to analyse the contractions of the perineum during an imbalance phase. The patient will be positioned on an imbalance board and will have to reach a target visible on the BioStim with the aim of controlling and mastering their perineum. At the end of the exercise, a relationship will be established between the movements of the board and the contraction of the perineum.

Compatible with Blueback

Thanks to our partnership with Blueback, our BioStim can be connected via Bluetooth to the Blueback Physio. By combining the 2 devices, you can perform biofeedback on your patient's transverse muscle.

Compatible with probes

You can connect various vaginal, anal and manometric probes (pressure probes) on the market to our BioStim, to diagnose contractions and relaxation of the perineum. In other words, to perform biofeedback on the situation. It is also possible to send controllable stimulation using our BioStim device.

Bluetooth probes are compatible with BioStim devices with the Bluetooth option (from version 2.0).

Free seminars

Pour toute personne ayant acheté un BioStim avec l’un de nos distributeurs, vous pourrez bénéficier d’un séminaire free sur notre appareil de rééducation périnéale BioStim. Nous réalisons un séminaire sur le thème anorectal et un autre sur l’uro- gynécologie.

It will be presented by one of Mazet Santé's partner physiotherapists. 

Pour plus d’information sur nos séminaires, nous vous invitons à cliquer sur le bouton ci-dessous.

BioStim in several versions

Le BioStim est décliné sous 4 versions différentes dans l’objectif de répondre au mieux à vos besoins en termes de traitement. Retrouvez ci-joint les différentes versions du BioStim

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Drawn up on 09/11/2023

BioStim and its versions: class: IIa
BioMoov : Classe I

BioStim and its other versions: Target population: The device is intended for a population over 5 years of age, which may be female or male (It should be noted that pelvic floor re-education is particularly indicated for post-partum women. Management of urinary incontinence; Management of anal incontinence; Management of contractures and prolapses; Management of pain; Management of genito-sexual disorders.

For the correct use of the appliance and other information, please read the instructions in the manual carefully.

BioMoov: BioMoov is a proprioception sensor. The sensor has no therapeutic claims. Equipped with software, the BioMoov uses a Bluetooth connection to the Biostim to transcribe the patient's activities onto a proprioception board. Target population: it is intended for anyone over the age of 5, regardless of sex, in combination with the Biostim device. It cannot work on its own. 

For the correct use of the appliance and other information, please read the instructions in the manual carefully.